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Snatched Waist – Lipo360 with BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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Snatched Waist – Hourglass Surgery – Waist Narrowing

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Are You Looking For That Hourglass Figure?

The Combination Of BBL + Lipo360 + Snatched Waist Technique Surgery

One of the most popular, fastest growing, requested plastic surgeries in the country is called the Snatched Waist, Instagram-worthy waist, itsy-bitsy waist, influencer model waist or hourglass figure or waist narrowing surgery. Whatever new patients are calling this new popular body sculpting technique, the important thing is achieving the figure 8 shape and how this transformation can improve your self confidence.

What Is A Snatched Waist?

By definition, literally means creating a small waist (waist narrowing surgery)  that in the past only a corset or any compression garment could create. A snatched waist resembles a body frame similar to the figure of number 8 where the shoulders and hips are made more prominent because of the slim waistline and from the back, an enlarged booty looks fuller, because of the smaller more dramatic change to your waistline. Combining the BBL surgical procedure with Lipo 360 using your own body fat to create a curvier, more contoured appearance also called hourglass surgery. Lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure which smooths your body’s contours around your entire midsection to create a more sculpted look. Waist narrowing surgery – created the tighter, corseted look.

**Please note: some of our patient before and after surgery images may have been altered to remove identifying tattoos and other marks by request of the patient. No other alterations were performed. Do you have a plastic surgery question ? Ask Dr. Bennett C. Yang.

Do I Have The Right Body Type?

Before discussing the process of achieving a snatched waist, we will have to talk about the five buttock types first. This will help set your expectations to the extent the procedure can shape each type.

The Upside down heart shaped and A shaped backsides are generally the most easy body types to start when looking to achieve the ultimate, snatched waist. With the upside-down heart shape at the starting point naturally, having this waist line already in place helps to create this excitingly popular look.

The body shapes that require more work are round, followed by the square, and finally the V shape.

The closer your body type is to the Heart or A shape frame, the better the chances to get and maintain a desired snatched waist. The further your body type is from these starting points, the more complicated it could be to perform the Snatched Waist – BBL – Hourglass procedure.

The same surgical method is used on all body types to achieve the Instagram Model Snatched Waist. And regardless of your body shape, this detailed surgery largely depends on the skill of the surgeon, and on how much change your body can handle. Managing expectations is really important when choosing to undergo this complex procedure.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the ideal body type to get the perfect snatched waist. Washingtonian TOP Doctor, Dr. Bennett C. Yang provides many solutions, as well as has many years of experience with BBL, Lipo360 procedures to help you achieve the hourglass figure that you dream of.

BBL with LIPO 360 Before After snatched waist Maryland

What Is Snatched Waist Or Waist Narrowing Surgery?

Or waist contouring surgery is the new term where the goals of LIPO360 combined with BBL (Brazilian butt lift surgery) have added the desire to have a tiny (snatched) waist and perkier, fuller butt and hips.

This combination of fat transfer leads to complete figure transformation. When receiving this procedure, you can go from a square body shape to an hourglass figure (Hourglass Plastic Surgery). The smaller the waist the better the hips and butt will appear.

The snatched waist comes from the liposuction technique. Dr. Bennett C. Yang will etch each side of your love handles making your waist as small as possible. The liposuction not only makes your waist smaller but also provides the fat necessary to fill the hip dip and your butt augmentation. This combination can give you more of the “s” curve desired and enhances the overall shape.

The first step in a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the liposuction. Liposuction during a BBL is not only just removing fat to transfer and fill your backside, it also necessary to shape and sculpt the waist. The art of a Brazilian Butt Lift is in the combination of the LIPO360 and the butt enhancement with fat transfer.


Dr. Bennett C. Yang uses liposuction for a variety of different body contouring procedures. See his work of before and after images, daily posted on his Instagram page @bennettyangmd.

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