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Hair Transplant / Hair Replacement

Hair Transplant, Replacement, Procedures

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Restore your confidence with beautiful, natural thick hair.

Receiving a successful hair transplant will change your life. Dr. Bennett C. Yang and his discreet, professional team are leading the way to provide each patient with natural, consistently amazing results. Correcting your hair appearance by providing world-class hair restoration by using proven techniques. His goal is to provide you with exceptional hair replacement procedures. Dr. Yang is always on a constant search for ways to improve the hair transplant technology.

Specializing in quality hair restoration treatments & hair loss solutions for anyone that is suffering from hair loss problems. By using the innovative and proven techniques that are listed on the links above, He is considered to be one of the platinum hair replacement practices, setting the highest standard in the field of cosmetic hair restoration surgery.

Please call today for a consultation if you are looking for the most effective and advanced hair transplant options available for bald or balding men and women today. Hair Transplants have evolved into a sophisticated blend of science and artistry, which make it the preferred method of hair loss treatment. Along with the latest hair loss medicines, Dr. Bennett Yang can provide the best hair loss advice and hair loss remedies that best fit for you.


Find Dr. Yang on Instagram @bennettyangmd and see for yourself. Looking for savings? Watch us on Instagram for promotions and discounts on BOTOX, cosmetic fillers, and surgical procedures.

Here's the immediate result after 360 liposuction with BBL. 1000 cc into each butt cheek. Good compression nutrition and massage are important after care goals to maintain the results.
Thank you.
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Hi everyone! Here is another lovely patient after BBL. Here she is after 3 months. She still has some swelling in the lipo areas. She's kept most of the fat in the butt with a round full and beautiful shape . I try to post both the immediate and long term results. She had full 360 lipo with 1000cc fat injected into each butt cheek.

Compression. Massage. Good nutrition are key factors in achieving and maintaining a great shape.
Thank you.
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Good morning everyone! Here is another BBL patient. She is 1 month post op. Looks great and loves her results. Careful planning and mapping the location of fat injection is key to getting a great result. Thank you!

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Wish you all a happy Easter! I love this time of year with the cherries but even more so the crabapples. The crabapples bloom later with deeper colors. Every day is a gift. Appreciate all the tiny details that we sometimes forget to look for.
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Hello everyone! This lovely patient underwent a corrective BBL . She had a previous BBL with another doctor but wasn't happy with the shape and contour.
Here she is at 2 months after surgery happy and great shape and snatched waist. Today her waist is 31 inches and her butt is 47 inches.
Thank you!
#bblsurgery #boardcertifiedplasticsurgeon #beforeandafter #toptenplasticsurgeondmv #liposuction #360lipo

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bennett C. Yang has been in practice for over 25 years. He has extensive knowledge on the latest hair restoration procedures. For his most recent before and after results, please follow on Dr. Yang on Instagram @bennettyangmd . For a confidential consultation, you can text Dr. Yang directly at 301. 284.8122 for a complimentary iConsult,  or make your appointment at either of our practice locations in Rockville, Maryland or Tysons Corner, McLean, Virginia.

Starting at $135 per month

Hair Restoration – Hair Transplant Monthly Payment Plans

$254 per month BBL Payment Plan Brazilian Butt Lift Financing

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    $254 per month BBL Payment Plan Brazilian Butt Lift Financing
    $254 per month BBL Payment Plan Brazilian Butt Lift Financing
    $254 per month BBL Payment Plan Brazilian Butt Lift Financing
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